Magic Lost

When I was younger, the world seemed more magical. I enjoyed the outdoors and saw the divine in all living things. I find that, now, I’ve lost some of that. I spend most of my time indoors and miss the magic of nature. I’m not sure what has caused my change in behavior — justRead moreRead more

Wildfires and Sparkly Ideas

One of the problems that I often have with bipolar disorder is that I obsess over things. A few years ago, I was completely possessed with the thought of writing a novel. It took precedence over almost everything in my life. My mind was alive with ideas of scenes and plot twists, and I hadRead moreRead more

A Kiss from the Sidhe — Chapter Two

Oisin Grakni had been alive for over a millennium. He had seen his fair share of denial after a metamorphosis, but Liza proved near impossible to persuade. Even after she conceded to go with him, the impression that she was just doing so to see how deep her hallucination would carry her was heavy onRead moreRead more

A Kiss from the Sidhe — Chapter One

The months leading up to the change — so demanding on Liza Handley — left her drained. Her sister, Bethany, growing tired of Liza’s dependency, encouraged — in fact, forced — Liza to date. “Something’s gotta get you out of my house,” her sister would blurt out. Bethany, eight months pregnant and nesting, found neitherRead moreRead more


Robert Brennan had a nightmare the night that his daughter, Sam, was born. In it, he held his precious baby girl in the scope of his rifle. He woke up — screaming and covered in sweat — just as the trigger was about to give. It was then that Nikki told him she thought sheRead moreRead more

Desperate Times

The thing that’s on everyone’s minds right now is the coronavirus or COVID-19. So, what does this mean to me? I work at a pharmacy — the retail side of it — and I come in contact with a lot of people, many of whom are sick. You would think that my major concern wouldRead moreRead more

By the Seat of My Pants

The idea for my current WIP comes from a writing prompt that I did many months ago. “Metamorphosis — A Kiss from the Sidhe” was born of a little, one-line writing prompt; “Something seemed different.” I love the idea that sprang from those three words and have decided to use it for a novella. TheRead moreRead more

No Filter

I keep a picture pinned to my wall next to my desk. It’s of me. It has one of those filters on it to make it look like a cartoon and over that, I have the words “You Should Be Writing.” It’s just a reminder to myself that I have some really cool ideas lockedRead moreRead more

Bayview Bridge

The boys were up to no good — Miranda Gilbert knew it from the moment they drove up with Miss-Prissy-Pants, Ashley Nelson, saying that they had a surprise for their girls. Ashley sat in the front seat of Levi’s Mustang, looking like an excited puppy about to piddle on herself. Daren was behind the wheel.Read moreRead more

Indigo Desert

The page stared back at Penny Robins with the same blank expression that she wore. It used to be so easy. Words had flowed from her pen with vibrant colors and brilliant pictures before the medications. All she had to do was to enter that shining world of her own creation by closing her eyesRead moreRead more