The Pale Lady

It’s a deep, primal scream that haunts me before waking. The terror started three months ago, but all I can remember is a deafening, painful wail. It comes to torment my dreams, and leaves me with only a fear of what is to come.         Jason peacefully sleeps beside me, and I findRead moreRead more

Demon Hunter

No one in town knew much about him. They definitely didn’t know what it was like to be Dylan Riley. Although not one of the fine folk of Birmingport, Alabama would be able to give a good excuse as to why — other than he looked the part — the outsider had earned the reputationRead moreRead more


I sit alone in the corner of her room –untouched, neglected — humming in low tones. Memories of times when the stroke of Anna Mae’s fingers created music inside torments me. All the tantalizing melodies are gone though — all is gone — only this cold corner offers support. I know that the love was false,Read moreRead more

Creating Your Creative Space

“I just want to write,” I thought aloud as I read about the importance of having my own personal place to do my writing. “It shouldn’t matter where I do it.” I didn’t need any fancy desk or to greedily make a space of my own. So I tried to write sitting on the couch;Read moreRead more