By the Seat of My Pants

The idea for my current WIP comes from a writing prompt that I did many months ago. “Metamorphosis — A Kiss from the Sidhe” was born of a little, one-line writing prompt; “Something seemed different.” I love the idea that sprang from those three words and have decided to use it for a novella. The thought process, right now, is to have a trilogy of novellas. I’m very excited about it and hope to be able to create something that’s just one quarter as spectacular as what I’m envisioning. I’m stuck though. I can’t decide whether to be a plotster or a pantster. I know, it’s a crazy thing to stress about, but I honestly don’t know which path to take.

Traditionally, I’m a panster. Well… mostly. I plot out enough to have a rough idea of where I think I’m going. Sometimes it goes the way I planned — sometimes it doesn’t — but, for the most part, I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. Naturally, I lean in this direction on my current dilemma, but there’s this nagging little voice in the back of my mind that screams, “But you’ve never written anything this long before! You need a plan!” At the same time, although I haven’t written anything this long before, I have plotted out a novel before. Considering that I have only three pages of a novel to tell for it, it didn’t seem to go well. The more I think about it, the more I believe that pantster is going to win.

I think that I’m just nervous. Why do I get nervous about writing? I have no dreams of being a great author. I write for me. So, why am I so nervous about it? Because I am an absolutely horrible critic. I really beat myself up over my work. I try not to. I try to tell myself that it’s no big deal. It’s just for my own personal satisfaction anyway. Then I promptly tell myself, “Yes, and I’m not satisfied.” Sometimes I think that it would be easier to think about it in the context of writing for others instead of myself. I can be a bitch. LOL

Well, this has been a nice little diversion, but I think that I had better get back to my story. Thanks for visiting.


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