By the Seat of My Pants

The idea for my current WIP comes from a writing prompt that I did many months ago. “Metamorphosis — A Kiss from the Sidhe” was born of a little, one-line writing prompt; “Something seemed different.” I love the idea that sprang from those three words and have decided to use it for a novella. TheRead moreRead more

No Filter

I keep a picture pinned to my wall next to my desk. It’s of me. It has one of those filters on it to make it look like a cartoon and over that, I have the words “You Should Be Writing.” It’s just a reminder to myself that I have some really cool ideas lockedRead moreRead more

My Cuddle Bug

This is Dacianna — affectionately known as Daci [DAH-see]. I call her “my cuddle bug.” We have three huskies — all of them awesome in their own way — but Daci is special to me. Without any special training, she seems to be attuned to my needs. Whenever I’m feeling down, she lies down nextRead moreRead more

The Amazing Writing Prompt

I cannot tell you how to write the next great novel. This blog will not be a step by step instruction manual to writing. It will only be a sporadic sampling of the things that help me in my writing. Forgive the irregularity in my posts. Bipolar disorder does have its way with me sometimes.Read moreRead more

Reading Is Our Fuel

Want an engine to start? Give it a little gas. Want to improve your writing? Read. This is the one of the top tips that a professional writer will give you, if you ask them how you can improve your craft. It seems so simple, but it’s something that we tend to neglect for variousRead moreRead more

Creating Your Creative Space

“I just want to write,” I thought aloud as I read about the importance of having my own personal place to do my writing. “It shouldn’t matter where I do it.” I didn’t need any fancy desk or to greedily make a space of my own. So I tried to write sitting on the couch;Read moreRead more