In the Eyes of My Child

I see so many moms out there just killin’ this motherhood thing. I have a cousin who makes beautiful costumes and dresses for her daughter. One of my old neighbors took up photography as a hobby and has her son’s life perfectly captured. My Facebook timeline is filled with lovely pictures of mothers enjoying theirRead moreRead more

A Little Light in the Darkness

There are times when it seems that sleep is a luxury that I’m not allowed to purchase. My brain just refuses to power down at bedtime, leaving my mind, body and soul drained. Sometimes I am devastated by the silent scream that no one can hear, but is so deafening to me. I walk inRead moreRead more

Free Falling

I came across a writing prompt that intrigues me. Here goes: Writing Prompt: You don’t know where you are, and you don’t remember anything about yourself. You just know that right now, you can choose to either go up the stairs or go down. Well, it seems you are insane, since you choose to jumpRead moreRead more

New Year, No Promises

I made it through 2020, and all I can really say is, “That sucked!” I think that pretty much everyone is of the same mindset… We do not need to EVER relive such a horrible, miserable year. I have to admit that I do, at least, get a giggle out of the commercial whereRead moreRead more

What Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m under a lot of stress right now. So much that my body wants to buckle and fold beneath it. My mind is in turmoil. Hubs is in the hospital after having his toe amputated due to a serious infection in his foot. The surgery went well and he says that the pain isn’t asRead moreRead more


I’m not a social butterfly. I’m not as graceful as a swan. I’m awkward. Words don’t always come easily when I’m talking and the ones that do are usually foul. I’m not the “cool kid” — never have been. Some people don’t easily relate to me and most don’t relate at all. I’m the oddRead moreRead more

The Grand Illusion

“You are not enough” drums along in my head like a battle cry. It can’t be turned off. It won’t be silenced. Meds help, but meds aren’t some kind of magical potion that makes the illness just disappear. It’s not that they don’t work. Even the best of illusionists can’t make everything vanish. After all,Read moreRead more

The Oracle

A single spark can ignite a fire. Writing Prompt: Your character consults an Oracle, what does s/he learn? Spark: David watched the words flow from Anna’s lips, but couldn’t accept them, though he knew she was never wrong. He was willing to die, but not to lose someone so pure — a true innocent inRead moreRead more

Magic Lost

When I was younger, the world seemed more magical. I enjoyed the outdoors and saw the divine in all living things. I find that, now, I’ve lost some of that. I spend most of my time indoors and miss the magic of nature. I’m not sure what has caused my change in behavior — justRead moreRead more

Wildfires and Sparkly Ideas

One of the problems that I often have with bipolar disorder is that I obsess over things. A few years ago, I was completely possessed with the thought of writing a novel. It took precedence over almost everything in my life. My mind was alive with ideas of scenes and plot twists, and I hadRead moreRead more