Trina looked down at the dark stairs below. Basements always gave her the creeps, and this one was chilling. A dankness swirled below her nostrils. “Oh no,” she thought. “This is a job for Taylor, not me.” “The light switch is on your right. Now, let’s get going.” Trina’s mom gave a slight shove toRead moreRead more

The Unseen

Writer’s Note: I have decided to do this a little differently that what I normally do. I used a writing prompt for this writing, but I will not include it until the end. The Unseen “I guess that I owe Dr. Atchinson my life,” Rob said. He was still groggy from the anesthesia and mostRead moreRead more

Rescued from the Naughty List

I’m not feeling well tonight. I don’t think that I have any ideas bouncing around upstairs right now, so I’m going to take this opportunity to add another of my creative writing exercises from the journal I found yesterday. This would have been a good one to post a couple of weeks ago, but IRead moreRead more

Scattered Scribbles and a Black Cat

I do a lot more longhand writing than typing. I know — crazy — I’m a blogger, right? Nevertheless, journals and scraps of paper with crazy ideas scribbled on them litter the diva den. There’s no rhyme or reason to it either — just a scattered pile of random thoughts. I’ve been combing through theRead moreRead more