New Year, No Promises

I made it through 2020, and all I can really say is, “That sucked!” I think that pretty much everyone is of the same mindset… We do not need to EVER relive such a horrible, miserable year. I have to admit that I do, at least, get a giggle out of the commercial where 2020 and the devil hook up. Also, the memes have been entertaining, but all the funny memes and commercials in the world cannot make up for such a truly shitty trip around the sun. So, now we all sit back and hold our collective breath, praying that 2021 will not be a repeat.

A lot of people start off the new year by declaring, “New year, new me.” That’s nice. There’s no need for me to proclaim such bullshit. I’m going to be the same me that I have always been. I don’t need a new year for me to plan on writing more. I do that — and fail — multiple times throughout the year. A new year doesn’t make me think, “Hmmm… Maybe I should go to the gym more.” That thought sporadically hits from time to time too. Why does it have to be a New Year thing? The symbolism isn’t lost on me. I get it. New year = new beginning = start it with good intentions and hope for the best. I just know me, and I’m not good with targets. It’s actually a little devastating to me when I don’t reach my goals, and fully executing an objective is really difficult for me. I don’t set them too high, or for something unattainable. There’s a block there though, and I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s causing the disconnect. All a goal does for me is to set me up for disappointment. Why would I want to start a new year off like that?

I don’t think of this resolution thing as being a huge issue in my life. I guess that not all people are meant to be goal driven. I kind of enjoy just living my life in the now — not really worried about what the future holds or how I’m supposed to get there. I do wish that I could get my mind to cooperate on the writing thing though. It’s really rather annoying to have all kinds of cool ideas hopping around in my mind, yet not being disciplined enough to get them “on paper,” so to speak. Still, I have a pretty nice life. I have an awesome husband, a wonderful kid, a great friend or two (I keep a small circle) and I get to write from time to time. So, yeah, I think I’ll pass on the New Year’s Resolutions.

So, it’s the start of another year and I make no promises. I can’t say that I’m going to post at least once a week — I’ll probably be lucky to get a handful of posts for the whole year. I can almost guarantee that I won’t stick to anything resembling a commitment to go to the gym. This is just another year for me to be Liv — just quirky, and often misunderstood, Liv.


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